Cost estimating is coming soon to the cove.tool platform!

Empowering design teams with real-time cost visibility at every design stage. Design smarter, faster and within budget.

Stay on budget and on schedule

  • See real time cost estimates through a cloud-based platform allowing designs to be coordinated and realized within budget.​

  • Automatically track construction cost against budget as design progresses.

  • Simulate your next project budget with historical construction data and soft cost calculator.


What's included in costestimating.tool


Upload geometry from a variety of architectural modeling software providers, including Revit, Rhino, SketchUp, ArchiCAD and more.

Bill of Quanitites

Automated quantities are generated through your project geometry, so you save time on quantity take-offs.

Cost Library

Gain access to cove.tool’s extensive database of square foot cost, assemblies, products. Store and easily retrieve your historical data for use with future projects.

Budget Tracker

Stay on budget by easily tracking construction costs against budget as your design evolves. No more unexpected surprises in estimating.

Soft Cost Calculator

Take market conditions into account and make informed decisions with a comprehensive understanding of your project costs by including markups and escalation into your estimate.


Invite your estimator or contractor to the project to review the estimate and validate pricing. Use our flag and chat features to quickly address any questions and streamline communication for a seamless review process.

Automated Estimate Report

Automatically generate a standard estimate PDF report to share with your clients and team members.