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Understanding the ROI of analysis.tool

Use our Return on Investment Calculator to get deeper insights into the cost savings of using cove.tool in your workflow.

Calculate your Return on Investment

Energy codes are becoming more stringent across the world, bringing energy and cost optimization to the forefront of building design. While no ROI estimator can be exactly right for your business, the goal of the one below is to get you on the right path of thinking about the savings from automation. Balancing the project profitability and ensuring the highest level of design, and energy compliance along with budget requirements is a time consuming task, that can waste weeks of the team time on coordination and redesign. 

Calculate your Payback Period

While ROI is an important metric for determining the value of software, the payback period is equally important. The payback period of software can be found by dividing the total cost of the software by the annual savings received from using the software. Once savings has grown greater than the cost of the software, the investment will surpass its break-even point. At this point, the payback period ends.

Total Cost of Software / Annual Savings = Payback Period

Full-featured set of tools


Automated models based on project location allow nonexperts to build accurate models.


Yearly daylight simulations with the sDA metric are some of the fastest and most accurate.


Robust cost database of material unit costs from manufacturers and real projects adjust to your location.


Evaluate embodied and operational carbon to make the smart decision for the budget and the planet.


Coordinate all the stakeholders on water strategies for interior, exterior, and cooling tower.

LEED Integration

LEED points and metrics are integrated throughout the app for rapid decision-making on strategies.

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