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Our tools and services are fighting climate change by enabling smarter decision making and fostering the development of solutions that not only meet but exceed sustainability goals.

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Sustainable buildings for a sustainable future

We aim to bring sustainable building design and AI-powered consulting together to ensure industry wide reduction of carbon emissions.

Origin Story

cove.tool's journey began with tools and processes developed over the years by Pattern r+d, a sustainability consulting firm run by our co-founders Patrick Chopson and Sandeep Ahuja (both building scientists and licensed architects). Recognizing the potential to scale their impact, co-founder Daniel Chopson joined, leveraging his expertise in web-based SaaS platforms to transform these tools into an accessible software product aimed at democratizing building performance analysis. Starting from this foundation, cove.tool has since grown beyond its software origins. Today, we are a comprehensive AI-powered sustainability consultancy, extending our reach and expertise to drive global sustainability in building design more effectively than ever before.

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Net Zero Goals

Buildings account for 40% of carbon emissions and 76% of electricity use in the United States. Reducing carbon emissions in the building industry requires effort from all of the stakeholders involved. We’re bringing people together to help reduce building energy usage and join the fight against climate change.

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Be the change

Meet our founders

Sandeep Ahuja

Co-Founder & CEO

Patrick Chopson

Co-Founder & CPO

Daniel Chopson

Co-Founder & CTO


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