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Intelligent HVAC and Building Design for Engineers

Optimize your mechanical systems aligned to building design using automation to drive efficiency with powerful, easy-to-use, web-based tools.

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Whether you use one, two or more products, we have the tools you need for project success.


Streamline the HVAC design process and complete whole building energy models with web-based solution powered by the EnergyPlus engine.


Easily import geometry from a suite of 3D modeling platforms. Modify designs, designate zones, collaborate with architects, and avoid remodeling projects with an efficient workflow.


Optimize projects for energy, water use, and cost. Use automated energy codes to maintain compliance and efficiently calculate building performance.

Intuitive, powerful, and precise.

Changing the way engineers design, specify, and deliver mechanical systems in building design and construction.

Accurate Results

Confidence in accuracy of load results is our #1 priority. Utilize the power and flexibility of EnergyPlus. Rely on decades of development back by the U.S. DOE.

Faster Workflows

Use energy and performance data to implement innovative design strategies to meet client’s performance and budget goals. Retain knowledge from one project to the next with templates saved and shared via the cloud.

Increase Collaboration

Opportunities for improvement in communication between architects and engineers often arise when quicker answers to questions are needed. By improving speed, smooth out this process and improve collaboration between teams.

Hear from our clients

“The tool is so simple and easy to use, which makes designing a faster and more enjoyable experience for everyone on the team.”

"cove.tool provides invaluable support across our projects and teams, helping us achieve design excellence and high performance."

"cove.tool allows our design teams to quickly evaluate options in the early design stages that could positively impact the building's performance."

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cove.tool's building design software is changing the AEC industry


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