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Intelligent early-stage energy insights for Engineers

Efficient, precise, and cost-efffective sustainability consulting tailored for engineering needs. Utilize advanced resources for early-stage energy analysis, enabling proactive insights that enhance later stages of project development and contribute significantly to sustainability objectives.

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We have the services you need for project success.


Full service, AI-powered and expert verified sustainability consulting to simplify complex compliance and performance challenges.

Efficient, innovative, and comprehensive.

Setting the new standard in sustainability consulting, merging building science expertise with advanced analytics and AI innovations.

Win More Work

With greater design transparency, better communication and beautiful graphics, cove.tool helps win new work and retain existing clients.

Reduce Project Costs

Our AI-powered consulting services, validated by experts, offer a 75% cost reduction per project engagement compared to traditional consultants.

Increase Collaboration

Opportunities for improvement in communication between architects and engineers often arise when quicker answers to questions are needed. By improving speed, smooth out this process and improve collaboration between teams.

Meet Sustainability Goals

We've got you covered from COMCheck to LEED, our full-service sustainability consulting services ensure your goals are met.

Hear from our clients

“The tool is so simple and easy to use, which makes designing a faster and more enjoyable experience for everyone on the team.”

"cove.tool provides invaluable support across our projects and teams, helping us achieve design excellence and high performance."

"cove.tool allows our design teams to quickly evaluate options in the early design stages that could positively impact the building's performance."

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cove.tool's sustainability consulting is changing the AEC industry


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