A new era of architectural consulting.

At cove.tool, we provide expert architectural and sustainability consulting that’s both cost-effective and efficient. Our AI-powered methods and advanced analytics accelerate projects without sacrificing quality. Trust us to deliver superior value and exceed your expectations with every project.

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cove.tool is evolving from a software pioneer to a architecture and sustainability consulting leader in the AEC industry. Our goal is simple – to enable you to exceed your business or project goals by providing streamlined sustainability analysis and validated data that’s accessible, fast, and cost-effective.

The result: better buildings, happier clients, and increased profits.

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cove.tool empowers manufacturers, architects, and engineers to easily integrate sustainability into the building design process.


savings per project engagement vs traditional consultants


green products simulated by our users in their designs


automated energy codes simulated in our analysis

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Empowering building design excellence.

Our consultancy delivers comprehensive solutions that save time and money, utilizing our expertise for scalable project and design assistance for optimized building performance.

Building performance

Have your projects analyzed and optimized for building performance by our team of experts.


Expert consulting services for advanced energy modeling and performance analysis. Supported by our advanced simulation engine, analysis.tool.

our benefits

Driving architecture and sustainable success.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Leveraging AI and advanced simulations, we offer fast and cost-effective architectural and sustainability consulting. This approach simplifies decarbonization and empowers the AEC industry to surpass environmental goals.

Enhanced Design Insights

We provide architects and manufacturers with on-demand, precise insights, facilitating smarter building and product decisions. This enhances both sustainability and design quality across projects.

Transparency and Accuracy

Our commitment to science and transparency fosters trust. Industry-validated calculations and data ensure accuracy, boosting confidence in every project and product decision.

Our mission

Sustainable design for every project.

Our dedication extends beyond process efficiency; it's about deeply embedding sustainability in every project. Combining consulting expertise with advanced simulations, we enable AEC professionals to achieve energy-efficient and low-carbon designs, moving us closer to global net-zero targets. With a commitment to science and transparency, we're not just participating in the industry's evolution—we're leading the charge towards a sustainable tomorrow.

our clients love us

"cove.tool is helping enVerid Systems generate leads and reach new audiences."

"cove.tool allows our design teams to quickly evaluate options in the early design stages that could positively impact the building's performance."

"It's our go-to early energy modeling tool."

"cove.tool provides invaluable support across our projects and teams, helping us achieve design excellence and high performance."

the cove.tool platform

The only platform that links all your current workflows

Say hello to the Building Information Network, where disciplines work together, project phases are linked, and visibility exists across the entire design and construction process. cove.tool works how you work, only better — resulting in higher quality outputs, minimized risk, and increased transparency.

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