Powerful energy analysis for performance building design.

analysis.tool, our advanced simulation and analytics engine, has evolved from a leading building energy analysis software to the backbone of our project.assist services. It offers deeper insights and precise outcomes, enhancing every consulting project with performance-driven design solutions.


Trusted building performance technology.

Elevating the standard for sustainability consulting, our approach integrates building science, innovative technology, and AI to create a transparent, cost-effective solution. This strategy advances environmental stewardship, architectural excellence, and profitability by lowering consulting costs. Benefit from our streamlined approach that enhances decision-making and exceeds sustainability targets. Watch the video to discover the process behind our experts' analysis.


Discover simplified sustainability analysis and reporting services.

project.assist is your expert go-to consultant offering on-demand solutions that simplify building performance analysis. Quick analysis and comprehensive project reports, including energy analysis, embodied carbon, COMCheck/RESCheck, LEED, and more, are at your fingertips. Discover how project.assist can effectively streamline your projects today.


Innovative approach to energy analysis and building design.

Full spectrum of sustainability analyses and simulations.

Energy Modeling

Powerful, accurate models based on project location. 


Yearly daylight simulations with the sDA metric. 

Cost Optimization

Balance cost, energy, payback, LEED points, and embodied carbon with a database of building products.

Water Use

Effective water strategies for interior, exterior, and cooling tower.


Simplify building product selection with performance, cost, and carbon analysis for efficient assemblies.

Full Carbon Profiles

Full embodied carbon and operational carbon metrics for all your projects.

Radiation Studies

Find the best position for solar panels and which parts of the façade get the most sun.

Sunhour Analysis

See the solar exposure across your building.

Climate Analysis

View climate diagrams instantly to understand design opportunities. 

Glare Analysis

See the glare picture for the entire year and make smart façade decisions.

carbon analysis

Full carbon profiles available.

Through project.assist comprehensive carbon profiles are available enabling comparisons between embodied and operational carbon for a comprehensive assessment of a building's impact over its entire lifespan. Teams can quickly understand crucial information on carbon emissions in order to make important project and design decisions.

embodied and operational carbon with Carbon Feature

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Interoperability for AEC collaboration.

BIN interconnectivity creates better collaboration between architect and engineer design teams, and seamless analysis helps manufacturers partner with architects and engineers to share real-world project simulations.

Easily meet code requirements.

save time and money.

"The process of analyzing our building, collaborating, and creating diagrams took 2-3 weeks with cove.tool instead of our typical 3 months.”

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