Transform the building design process with data-driven insights.

analysis.tool is a building performance analysis and energy modeling software to optimize building projects for energy, carbon, and cost. Empower your design teams with machine learning to make informed design decisions.


Web-based building analysis platform for energy modeling.

Increase design integrity and win more work with our platform that empowers architects, engineers, contractors, and manufacturers to collaborate and make intelligent building performance decisions that reduce design revisions and meet project goals while staying on time and on budget. Watch the video to learn more.


Easy to use energy modeling software.

Save time & money

Reduce design revisions, speed-up workflows across teams, and keep projects on schedule

Easy collaboration

Simplify the client feedback process, enhance teamwork across disciplines, and work from anywhere with our web-based application

Design quality

Reduce workflow errors, increase transparency of design intent, and align performance design decisions


Incorporate performance based decisions throughout the design process to empower sustainable building design and reduce carbon emissions


Feature-rich 3D analysis and building design tools.

Easy-to-use analysis software with an extensive depth of features.

Energy Modeling

Automated, accurate models based on project location. 


Fast and accurate yearly daylight simulations with the sDA metric. 

Cost Optimization

Balance cost, energy, payback, LEED points, and embodied carbon with a database of building products.

Water Use

Coordinate with stakeholders on water strategies for interior, exterior, and cooling tower.


Create, customize, and share construction assemblies.

Full Carbon Profiles

Create automated embodied carbon and operational carbon metrics for all your projects.

Radiation Studies

Find the best position for solar panels and which parts of the façade get the most sun.

Sunhour Analysis

See the solar exposure across your building.

Climate Analysis

Generate climate diagrams instantly to understand design opportunities. 

Glare Analysis

See the glare picture for the entire year and make smart façade decisions.

Embodied carbon and operational carbon automation is here.

Get simple, automated, and impactful carbon calculations. Teams can collaborate quickly to gather crucial information on carbon emissions in order to make important project and design decisions. Create comprehensive carbon profiles to compare embodied carbon to operational carbon in order to estimate carbon's impact on a building during its entire lifecycle.

embodied and operational carbon with Carbon Feature

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Interoperability for AEC collaboration.

BIN interconnectivity creates better collaboration between architect and engineer design teams, and seamless analysis setup helps manufacturers partner with architects and engineers to share real-world project simulations.

Meet code with automation.

Calculate your Return on Investment.

Energy codes are becoming more stringent across the world, bringing energy and cost optimization to the forefront of building design. While no ROI estimator can be exactly right for your business, the goal of the one below is to get you on the right path of thinking about the savings from automation. Balancing the project profitability and ensuring the highest level of design, and energy compliance along with budget requirements is a time consuming task, that can waste weeks of the team time on coordination and redesign. 

Save time and money.

"The process of analyzing our building, collaborating, and creating diagrams took 2-3 weeks with cove.tool instead of our typical 3 months.”

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