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Why choose cove.tool?

Academic Integration

cove.tool empowers architects, engineers and contractors to achieve energy targets, reduce construction costs and make data-driven decisions by utilizing our patent-pending automated building design platform. Now we want to do the same for faculty and students.

  • cove.tool’s education program is 100% free to students and faculty.  We want to equip everyone with the tools and know-how to build better buildings.

  • Benefit from a greater return on time with cove.tool’s comprehensive integration to several industry standard practices.

  • As a web-based platform, we have reduced the need for administrators, faculty, and students to engage in University technology support services with our automated, collaborative, and cloud-based approach.

Getting Started

Getting a License

It's easy to get started, just complete this educational license form and renew it annually. Once you are approved, you'll receive an activation email to create an account. Annual Renewal Process After one year, students and educators will be required to renew their accounts. For individual students, renewal is done annually by emailing us a photo(copy) of your school ID from your “.edu” or equivalent email. Of course, this license is for academic work only. See the terms and agreement at the bottom of the educational license form for more information. If you use your academic license for commercial work, your account will be suspended and your projects deleted. Educators who intend to use cove.tool for a course(s) can start a university account by sending an email to edu@covetool.com with the institution's name, standard student email domain (ex. username@university.edu), and expected class size. This will waive the initial form requirement by individual students, and immediately enroll any student who signs up at https://app.covetool.com/login/, using their institution's .edu email address. International schools with complex enrollment structures should clarify any unique requirements before setting up their institution accounts. 


As you set up your trial, make sure to specify which product you need access to. analysis.tool analysis.tool is the main product line with core building performance features, like early-stage energy modeling, daylight analysis, 3D and site studies, water calculator, climate report, and a parametric tool for optimizing energy, cost, and carbon. drawing.tool drawing.tool is a 3D modeling tool that provides a user-friendly platform for drawing early-stage models natively on the cove.tool web platform. It also allows users to bring in their geometries directly from a suite of traditional 3D modeling platforms and make changes to them inside cove.tool.  loadmodeling.tool loadmodeling.tool is a load modeling and system design tool that uses the EnergyPlus engine for detailed, room-by-room load calculations and HVAC system sizing. The feature is aimed at mechanical engineers for advanced modeling capabilities.

Want to use cove.tool for a non-accredited course?

K-12 Programs

Looking to use cove.tool for a high school course, afterschool program, early education, and/or STEM program?

We can help! To introduce the next generation to the basics of energy modeling and building performance analysis our team at cove.tool has put together an example curriculum. Instructors download this template and adjust it to meet their needs.

Why cove.tool for your academic department? Design feedback that is based on actual building performance:

  • Reflects real-world practices. Thousands of industry professionals use cove.tool everyday to validate their design decisions.

  • Built-in error proofing! Our platform’s input automation allows even your first attempt to be successful.

  • Easy to learn! With our extensive video tutorials, help articles, and white papers all answers are easy to find.

  • Easy to use! Our platform allows you to speak intelligently and with confidence about your project with diagrams, graphics, and reports.


Use these tools to become a pro!

Help Center

Advice and answers from the cove.tool Team. Find the answer to all of your questions in our robust help center.

Check out the help center here

Training Sessions

cove.tool provides training sessions, including onboard training, workshops, and support calls. Learn more about that here.

Get more in-depth training with our training sessions

Case Studies

Read project case studies, white papers, and more to learn how other teams are utilizing cove.tool to save time and money and win more work.

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List of Features

Holistic Building Performance Analysis with Comprehensive Features for AEC Professionals.

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cove.tool Academy

This self-paced course is broken up into bite-sized lessons to allow you to learn and explore at your own pace. Complete the quizzes and pass the final test with a passing score to earn certification.

Learn on your own schedule with cove.tool Academy

Want to use cove.tool for an accredited course?

Higher Education

Thinking about adding to your existing curriculum? Contact us to learn more about courses in higher education.

  • We provide studio engagement suggestions to keep your class on track and reach their goals.

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cove.tool + NAAB Accreditation

If your program is accredited by the National Architecture Accreditation Board (NAAB) we offer the following suggestions of how cove.tool can be integrated into your compliance and assessment of your program values, program criteria, and student criteria.

Are you involved with campus construction or planning?

If you work for a university in the development or planning of facilities, speak with a cove.tool representative today about acquiring access.