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Let instantly generate key reports and automate essential planning tasks such as zoning, cost estimating, climate analysis, energy benchmarking, and more.


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Check out the innovative tools offers to redefine your architectural processes. These initial features are built to simplify your workflow, deliver valuable data-driven insights, and advance your sustainability goals, with more exciting features on the way.

Zoning Analysis Report

Any city, anywhere. Transform zoning studies from a time-consuming task into a matter of minutes, integrating data from Municode to generate comprehensive zoning reports.

Cost Estimating Report

Deliver early-stage cost estimates with detailed LOD 100 cost breakdowns, validated against industry benchmarks including the 2024 National Cost Manual.

Climate Analysis Report

Generate detailed climate reports with insights on temperature, humidity, radiation, and wind to inform early-stage design decisions.

Energy Benchmarking Study

Simplify energy analysis by comparing your project’s Energy Use Intensity (EUI) against standard codes and benchmarks, providing actionable insights.

ai chat

AI Chat: Your Architecture Assistant

Enhance your projects with AI Chat, your on-demand architecture assistant. Developed using insights from thousands of articles by our Building Scientists, this feature delivers trusted, instant answers across architecture, engineering, construction, building science, sustainability, and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Immediate Insights: Address your queries quickly to keep projects on track.

  • Expert Guidance: Gain specialized support for zoning, cost estimation, energy benchmarking, climate, and other architectural topics.

  • Streamlined Workflow: Seamlessly integrate the AI Chat feature into your daily tasks to enhance productivity and decision-making.


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  • Innovate: Be at the forefront of AI innovation to lead the transformation of architectural workflows.

  • Collaborate: Your feedback will help shape, refining its features and capabilities to meet your needs.

  • Transform: Experience features that automate tasks, provide deep insights, and support sustainable practices to elevate your daily workflows.

  • Trusted Data Security: We prioritize your privacy and data security. Our AI learns from user queries, not by using your project data. This ensures no project-specific information is used in models and safeguards against contractual concerns.


AI for high performance buildings.

Simplify your workflows with the first AI platform dedicated to architecture and the pursuit of improving our built environment. Explore the benefits of

Innovative AI

Tailored specifically for architectural workflows, offers unique solutions that deeply understands and address the specific challenges architect's face every day.

Time Savings

Automates routine tasks such as zoning compliance, cost estimation, and sustainability assessments, significantly reducing time spent allowing architects to focus on creativity and design excellence.

Design Excellence

With AI-driven insights and simulations, architects can explore more design options faster, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in architectural design.

Seamless Integration

Designed to integrate effortlessly with the diverse tools and systems used in architectural firms, enhances overall workflow without disrupting existing operations.


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At cove.tool, we're committed to architectural excellence. is powered by our trusted simulation and analytics engine, used by thousands of architects worldwide.

With, we draw inspiration from Vitruvius, the Roman architect known for his principles of strength, utility, and beauty, and Veritas, the Latin word for truth. ‘Vitras’ embodies our dedication to transparency, clarity, and ethical standards, setting a clear vision for the future of AI in architecture.