Quickly and easily connect to daylight, glare, and energy simulations via API

For technology leaders and developers, the cove.tool API helps you save on build time, maintenance costs, infrastructure costs, and more.

Easy integration with cove.tool

cove.tool's API allows developers to quickly and easily integrate cove.tool into their existing workflows using any programming language that supports standard HTTP requests.

Secure, transparent, and cost-effective.


The cove.tool API is organized around a RESTful architecture that offers token-based authentication, resource-based URLs, accepts and returns JSON, and uses standard HTTP methods and status codes.


Significantly reduce time and save resources when you integrate with api.tool. Access comprehensive documentation using OpenAPI specification with detailed examples.


Programmatically create new projects, update details of existing projects, upload project geometry, receive detailed performance metrics, run daylight analyses, and more.

api.tool features

Ready to Scale

Out-of-the-box solution for building geometry, energy codes, EUIs, 3D analysis, and more can help your development rapidly scale.

Ease of Use

Quickly implement building performance analysis into your workflow saving hours of build time.

Dedicated Support

Avoid the headache of building our own software solution with our dedicated support team to keep you running smoothly.


With api.tool's ever increasing functionality you can confidently estimate your costs and keep your customers happy.

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