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Transform building product sales with design assist at scale.

revgen.tool, a revolutionary design assist solution, empowers building product manufacturers with critical data for architects' product decisions. Showcase your products' advantages using advanced energy and carbon simulations. Our tool makes complex data accessible, enabling you to demonstrate your products' full potential in any design context.

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Architectural Analysis On-Demand.

Introducing design.assist reports.

Quickly access custom, on-demand analysis reports with our design.assist feature. Utilizing cove.tool's advanced simulation engines, highlight your products' energy efficiency and carbon performance in real projects. Our building science experts provide insights that elevate your market presence and simplify architects' selection processes, showcasing your products' performance benefits in real-world scenarios for informed decision-making.

Digital engagement with marketing app.

Boost buyer engagement with our custom marketing app, easily integrated into your website. This app provides architects quick access to product data, essential for early project stages. It offers a preliminary view of your products' performance in designs, confirming high-level goals and setting the stage for detailed analysis. Transform your website into an interactive sales hub, highlighting your products' unique features and equipping architects with vital early-stage information.

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Why use revgen.tool?

Maximize your sales potential by showcasing proven product performance to architects and designers, making your products the preferred choice.

sell more

Sell more

Engage early in the design cycle, showcasing your product's distinct advantages. Encourage architects to explore beyond the familiar, enhancing your market impact and driving sales.

sell smarter

Sell smarter

Empower architects and design teams with critical product information, enabling informed, data-driven decisions to enhance project success.

sell faster

Sell faster

Improve your marketing and sales productivity with tools that effectively demonstrate your products’ performance in designs, enabling architects and designers to make fast, well-informed choices.

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Tell the complete product story.

With revgen.tool you can showcase the full potential of your products and deliver critical information at every stage of the product decision.

Simplified design.assist reporting

Leverage our building science experts for custom, on-demand analysis reports highlighting your product’s performance directly in their projects. Give architects the data they need to make informed product decisions backed by our trusted analysis engines.

Streamlined Performance Analysis

Enable architects and designers to quickly asses your product’s impact and performance, streamlining the resolution of complex tradeoffs.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Scale your design assist capabilities. Highlight your products' unique performance and compare your products’ performance in specific projects against competitors and industry benchmarks.  

Trusted Third-Party Validation

Offer design teams validated data to confidently defend product selections ensuring the right products for every project.

Distinct Product Differentiation

Showcase your products' key differentiators using data that validates key aspects like energy usage, carbon impact, operational costs and more – highlighting everything from fire ratings and acoustics to air quality and human comfort. 

Facilitate Simplified Selection

Architects can easily quantify the real-world impact of your products on their project, increasing the likelihood of choosing your innovative solutions.

Promoting Sustainable Design Choices

Aid design teams in selecting carbon and energy-efficient products for their projects using precise, product-specific performance data.

Who is using cove.tool.

Use case

cove.tool x YKK AP

YKK AP America Inc. and cove.tool have joined forces to simplify and expedite the process for architects to achieve their projects' carbon, cost, and energy, and performance objectives using revgen.tool. The partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of low-carbon technologies in projects and supports YKK AP's goal to reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.

“revgen.tool is helping enVerid Systems generate leads and reach new audiences”

Why AEC experts choose cove.tool


of architects say embodied carbon is an important factor when selecting building products


of engineers say it's difficult to determine if building products meet sustainability and performance criteria for their projects


of consultants say energy performance or EUI is very important when selecting building products


of Architects start the building product selection process during the early design phase of the project

Unlock the power of collaboration.

With leading sustainability consulting services, we are bridging the gap between architects, engineers, designers, and manufacturers. Collaborate seamlessly across teams to make sure the perfect product is selected for every project. Leveraging cove.tool's comprehensive consulting approach, design teams and manufacturers can collaborate to solve complex tradeoffs, reduce design revisions, and enhance overall design quality.

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