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Your easy button to sustainability analysis.

Introducing project.assist, our AI-powered sustainability consulting services that combines advanced energy modeling and building science expertise to offer architects a faster, more cost-effective route than traditional consulting. Achieve enhanced design success and increased project profitability while ensuring sustainability goals are met.


Empowering Design with accessible sustainability consulting.

project.assist offers AI-powered and expert-verified sustainability consulting for all with access to on-demand, sustainable design insights. Simplify complex compliance and performance challenges such as achieving LEED certification, optimizing for environmental impact, or studying the daylight or radiation studies of iterative massing schemes. Enjoy faster, cost-effective consulting, ensuring enhanced efficiency, quality, and sustainable outcomes.


Streamlined building design for every firm.

project.assist brings flexible, advanced analytical capabilities to firms of any size, streamlining project execution. It saves valuable time by seamlessly integrating expert insights into your workflow. This approach enhances the creation of sustainable, high-quality architectural designs.

Simplified Analysis

Leave your performance analysis to our experts and kickstart your sustainability projects, allowing you more time to focus on your designs.

Client-Ready Reports

Choose from a range of expertly prepared reports tailored to your specific project needs, from energy analysis to LEED reporting, we are ready to simplify your sustainability reporting and provide accurate, timely, and insightful results for your projects.

Expert Assistance

Access fast, cost-effective expertise, cutting down on external project costs. Our approach ensures you get timely, high-quality assistance for all of your designs.

Scale Your Capacity

project.assist is your key to overcoming resource limitations and meeting tight timelines, tailored to your specific project needs. Perfect for firms of any size, it empowers you to scale your capabilities efficiently, making every project achievable.

Expert reports

Comprehensive reports delivered by our team of experts directly to you.

Energy Analysis Report

Gain a comprehensive view of your project's energy usage and performance. Our service provides an in-depth breakdown of the proposed Energy Use Intensity (EUI) and benchmarking data for the project.


Maximize design impact.

Cost & time efficiency

Our consulting approach is faster and more cost-effective than traditional consulting, optimizing your resources.

Collaborate workflow integration

Enhance team collaboration with tools that fit seamlessly into your project planning and execution phases, driving collective success.

Innovative sustainability insights

Leveraging a powerful combination of AI and building scientist expertise to gain actionable insights for achieving your environmental and sustainability targets.

Streamlined energy modeling

Let our team of experts handle your energy modeling needs, making energy modeling straightforward and cost-effective.

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"The imported geometry with a high level of accuracy and all relevant interior partitions is something we never fully succeeded on for large models. Having a professional team look at the Revit model and assess the right amount of geometry detail to export helped our team understand what needs to be prioritized. It also helped us save time by avoiding many unsuccessful Revit-cove.tool export attempts.”

Johnny Klemke (he/him) LEED AP BD + C
Senior Building Performance Analyst

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