Green Light: Greenbuild International Conference 2023 with Kingspan Light + Air North America

At the 2023 Greenbuild Conference and Expo, cove.tool's CEO and Co-Founder, Sandeep Ahuja, engaged in an insightful dialogue with Kingspan Light + Air North America Marketing Communications Manager, Mark Mitchell.

Their conversation shed light on the latest green building trends and Kingspan's forward-thinking initiatives.

Kingspan's Vision: A Bright Future in Natural Lighting

Mark Mitchell's excitement was evident as he discussed Kingspan's commitment to harnessing natural light and minimizing overheating in buildings through advanced sunlight control. Their approach aligns closely with cove.tool's emphasis on energy-efficient and sustainable building practices.

"For us, it's all about daylight," Mitchell explains. "Bringing natural light into a building, eliminating the need for electrical lighting as much as possible during daytime hours when it's usually the highest cost of electricity."

Kingspan is stepping up its game with the launch of a new, thermally enhanced glass skylight system, apt for varied climatic conditions across the country. Plans are underway to expand this range, focusing on developing systems that integrate more solar energy solutions.

Collaborating with Architects: Tailored Solutions

Kingspan and cove.tool share a common ground in working closely with architects right from the conception stage. Kingspan provides bespoke services, including daylight modeling and engineering support, to help architects realize their designs, seamlessly incorporating Kingspan's products into their projects.

"We actually have an architectural solutions team that we specifically tasked to work with architects early on in the design stage. So, from the initial design concept, if they're not sure what they can do [or] how we can help, we'll work with them through the process to make whatever their design concept is a reality," Mitchells tells Ahuja.

Versatility in Applications: From Small to Large Scale

Kingspan’s product range caters to a wide spectrum, from modest single skylight installations to extensive, custom designs.

"We do residential to warehouses, schools, office buildings, pretty much anything," Mitchell says. "Anything small or large. We have systems for small applications, [from] single skylight, to really complex custom designs, to hundreds of feet long."

While their residential products are versatile, their solutions are particularly advantageous for larger facilities like warehouses and schools, mirroring cove.tool’s focus on scalable sustainability solutions.

Why are green building materials SO important?

Kingspan Light + Air North America Marketing Manager Communications Manager Mark Mitchell and cove.tool CEO and Co-Founder Sandeep Ahuja

Skylight Trends: Education and Warehouse Facilities

Ahuja asked what industry Kingspan is seeing an increase in. The answer? Education and warehouse facilities.

Education facilities continue to be a significant market for Kingspan’s skylights, with their products providing optimal natural light without the glare. This is made possible thanks to their partnership with Solatube, a next-level daylighting system that captures solar energy in a new light.

“Education has always been a big one for us. It's a great application for transition systems and Solatube systems where you need daylight, but not the glare from a large glass skylight."

Warehouses are increasingly recognizing the value of natural lighting, aligning with cove.tool's mission to reduce reliance on artificial, energy-intensive lighting.

"[Warehouses] see the benefit of not having to bring in electrical light during daytime hours when people are working and busy."

Kingspan’s integration of LED lighting thanks to Solatube systems exemplifies innovation, allowing for a seamless transition between natural and artificial lighting for those who may work nighttime hours.

Conclusion: A Commitment to Green Building Innovation

The conversation with Kingspan Light + Air North America reaffirmed their dedication to pioneering in the green building sector. Their focus on natural lighting solutions and strong collaborations with architects align them with cove.tool's vision of a sustainable, technologically advanced future in building design.

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