Industry Insights Survey: A Look into Architectural and Engineering Trends 

November 6th, 2023

The world of architecture and engineering is constantly evolving, with new trends, technologies, and pressures changing the way professionals in these fields work. To understand these changes better, we conducted an extensive industry insights survey. This article breaks down the key findings of this survey, conducted by cove.tool.  

Industry Breakdown 

The survey covered a wide range of professionals working in different sectors within the industry. Keeping in mind that approximately 9.4% of survey participants chose more than one profession, 77.9% were in the architecture industry; 26.5% of respondents were in engineering; and the remaining 3.1% of respondents were from miscellaneous AEC sectors.  

The Product Selection Process 

One of the key focus areas of the survey was the product selection process.  

Demonstrating the importance and complexity of product selection, 62.9% of respondents reported spending between 2-4 weeks on the product selection process for their typical project.  

In addition to the near month-long selection process, a staggering 79.6% of respondents stated that they re-evaluate their Building Product Management System (BPMS) for every project or every few projects. 

A total of 64.4% of respondents said that they found it difficult to find spec sheets for buildings. Moreover, many respondents expressed difficulty in determining which material to choose for building envelopes while balancing parameters like value, carbon, energy, and costs. 

Impact of Carbon Energy Regulations 

Another key takeaway from the survey was the impact of carbon energy regulations on the product selection process. A substantial 48.5% of respondents reported that these regulations have affected their product selection process. This highlights the growing importance of sustainability and energy efficiency in the field. 

Moreover, 87.1% of respondents revealed that they ensure their selected products meet rising carbon/energy standards. This is a clear indication of the growing emphasis on sustainability in the industry. 

The Role of Manufacturers 

The survey also shed light on the role of manufacturers in the product selection process. An impressive 73.5% of respondents stated that they think third-party validation from building product manufacturers about their products is important. This shows the high level of trust professionals place in manufacturers and their products. 

On a related note, 36.4% of respondents reported using resources provided through a building product manufacturer's website as a tool to support the product selection process. This underscores the importance of manufacturers providing easily accessible and helpful information about their products. 

Key Takeaways 

The survey revealed several key trends and insights into the AEC industry. Professionals are investing significant time and thought into the product selection process and are continuously seeking better-fit manufacturers to meet the increasing demands of their projects. 

Moreover, sustainability and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important factors in the product selection process. Professionals are not only ensuring that their selected products meet rising carbon/energy standards but are also favoring manufacturers who provide easy evaluation and third-party validation of their products. 

These findings provide important insights for both professionals and manufacturers in the industry and highlight the areas where improvements can be made to make the product selection process more efficient and effective. 

cove.tool Covers 

The findings from this extensive industry insights survey illuminate the evolving landscape of architecture and engineering. Within this dynamic environment, cove.tool's revgen.tool and Assembly Builder stand as indispensable assets for manufacturers seeking to support architects and engineers.  

cove.tool's revgen.tool emerges as a game-changer as it bridges the gaps of these pain points that architects and engineers face. Manufacturers looking to assist architects and engineers in navigating the evolving landscape of the architecture and engineering industry can achieve this goal through revgen.tool and Assembly Builder.  

The survey findings underscore the challenges professionals face in the product selection process, where time and complexity play pivotal roles. By offering a comprehensive data model encompassing vital dimensions such as carbon, energy, and costs, revgen.tool becomes an invaluable resource for professionals seeking optimized solutions.  

Furthermore, the growing emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency, highlighted by the impact of carbon energy regulations, aligns perfectly with the capabilities of cove.tool's platform. Manufacturers can leverage revgen.tool to provide third-party validation and accessible resources, addressing the trust and information needs of professionals.  

These survey insights emphasize that cove.tool's revgen.tool not only streamlines the product selection process but also supports manufacturers, architects, and engineers in meeting the increasing demands of the AEC industry while promoting sustainability and efficiency. 

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