Best Time for Building Product Manufacturers to Engage with Architects and Designers

July 14th, 2023

For those in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, timing is everything when it comes to engaging with architects during the design process. For building product manufacturers (BPMs), pitching your products too late can lead to missed opportunities and lost business. So, at what stage of the architect's design process should building product manufacturers pitch and sell their products?

The short answer: as early as possible. More specifically, the design phase.

Communication with architects early in the design phase allows BPMs to differentiate themselves from their competitors by providing performance data and building better relationships. By doing so, they can help reduce inefficiencies in the AEC industry and create avenues for higher building performance.

Architects who receive product and performance information early in the design process are more likely to use the most cost/energy-effective building products. This not only benefits the architects and their clients but also helps BPMs by increasing the likelihood of their products being selected for the project.

Building product manufacturers should aim to engage with architects during the conceptual design or design development phases.

Conceptual Design Phase

The conceptual design phase is the best time for BPMs to introduce their products to architects. During this phase, architects are exploring different approaches and options, looking for inspiration and innovation, and are open to new ideas and products. By engaging with architects at this stage, BPMs can influence the design direction and specifications, potentially becoming a part of the project from the beginning.

Design Development Phase

As the design process progresses into the design development phase, architects are refining their concepts and creating more detailed drawings and specifications. At this point, they are starting to narrow down their choices for building products and are more likely to have specific requirements and performance criteria. This is another key stage for BPMs to engage with architects and provide technical details, performance data, and other relevant information to help architects make informed decisions about their products.

By engaging with architects at these stages, they have the best chance of influencing the design direction and specifications and increasing the likelihood of their products being selected for the project.

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Waiting until the construction documents phase or later in the design process to engage with architects can lead to frustration and inefficiencies in the project timeline. Architects have already made most of their product selections by this point and are unlikely to switch to a new product unless it offers significant benefits over their current choices.

Early engagement also allows BPMs to differentiate themselves from their competitors, build better relationships, and ultimately drive higher building performance. So, don't wait until it's too late – start engaging with architects early in the design process and see the benefits for yourself with revgen.tool.



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