Gaining the Competitive Edge: Strategies for Manufacturers to Outshine Competitors

In today’s architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, the quality of building products has become an even more crucial consideration process for architects and engineers to meet the ever-increasing standards set for their projects.  

There is an increasing demand for manufacturers to position their offerings in a way that emphasizes the performance metrics of their products. As the market becomes saturated with manufacturers aligning their product offerings, it is crucial to find innovative ways to differentiate your products to win more deals.  

Here are the ways to have the competitive advantage in the building product world: 

Leveraging Performance Insights 

Performance insights, when leveraged properly, are essential tools in today's competitive marketplace. However, design teams often face a difficult dilemma of wanting to utilize these key metrics, but not having the resources to do so. Encouraging data-driven decision-making by making your product’s performance insights easily accessible will allow architects and engineers to validate their decision of selecting your product and ensure they will meet the requirements set for their project. Highlighting the benefits of your building products will make a client’s decision easier to justify choosing you as their building product manufacturer.  

Build Better Relationships for Increased Customer Loyalty 

For design teams, time is never an abundant resource, so there is a tendency to fall back on brand loyalty when making product selections. Taking care to ensure every interaction you have with a potential client is a better experience than what is standard for the industry makes you stand out and greatly increases your chances of breaking the reliance on “what’s been done” in the past. The smallest amount of personalization in your communication efforts can go a long way in creating a new sense of loyalty to your brand and encourage repeat business for future projects. Connect with the person behind the project to establish strong relationships for more deals in the future.  

Find Your Niche to Stand Out in the Crowd 

Differentiation is key to gaining a competitive advantage. Identify your unique selling propositions (USPs) and emphasize them in your marketing efforts. Niche targeting and specialized solutions can help you connect with specific customer segments that align with your product's strengths. Additionally, obtaining environmental certifications and promoting commitment to sustainability will attract environmentally conscious clients. 

Utilize Tools and Resources to Gain a Competitive Edge 

Accomplishing these tasks can be easier said than done, so it’s important to invest in tools and resources that grant you this competitive advantage.  

cove.tool’s software solution for manufacturers, revgen.tool, makes it easier to reach, validate, and sell to AEC professionals than ever before. Using proprietary technology, revgen.tool gives the ability to showcase key performance insights for building products within actual projects, building trust and transparency between you and your clients.  

The customizability of the tool allows you to showcase your building products' actual performance in real-world scenarios through energy, carbon, and cost simulations within seconds, thereby empowering leads and providing a competitive advantage, highlighting unique selling points to capture your target audience's attention and enhancing your brand's reputation as an industry leader. 

The building products industry offers immense potential for companies that are proactive and adaptive. Embrace data, make connections with clients, and leverage your USPs to boost your market share. By taking advantage of the tools and resources that help you accomplish these goals, your company can thrive in this ever-evolving marketplace. 

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