What is energy use intensity (EUI)

May 6th, 2019

Table Of Contents

Table Of Contents

Energy Use Intensity (EUI) is a building’s annual energy consumption relative to its gross area. EUI is often used to:

1. Compare the energy efficiency of 2 building designs.

2. Compare your building design to the national benchmarks

3. Showcase the measured (metered) energy use of an existing building.

Performance Analysis done by cove.tool calculates the Site EUI of your building within minutes. It is designed to be used by Architects, sustainability consultants and engineers.

2050+ outlook chart

Site EUI or Source EUI?

EUI is expressed relative to either site or source energy.

Site energy is most commonly referred to the EUI in the AEC industry. It is simply the energy used by the building at it’s building site and not the power plant.

Source energy refers to a building’s energy footprint since in addition to the site energy, it also accounts for the energy lost during production, transmission, and delivery to the site.


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