Strategies for Enhancing ROI with Data-Driven Insights 

Harnessing data-driven insights to boost marketing and sales ROI (return on investment) has become pivotal for building product manufacturers, especially when fostering invaluable connections with key specifiers like architects and engineers. 

Strong interpersonal relationships not only drive sales but also help manufacturers build rapport with organizations and establish the trust required to maintain long-term partnerships. 

In many cases, manufacturers rely heavily on traditional marketing channels such as trade shows, partnerships with industry associations, and digital media to foster awareness and fill their marketing funnel so they can begin to establish the connections required to make a sale. If playing their cards right, these channels can effectively develop an abundance of leads that can result in high-quality sales conversations.  

Unfortunately, manufacturers often struggle to qualify leads, and their sales and marketing teams are left with the challenge of vetting and nurturing these leads into action.  

Don’t Focus on the Traditional Efforts  

When exploring ways to optimize your marketing spend, one of the foundational elements you need to assess is the channel utilized to generate demand.  

If you are a marketing or sales leader, you are relying on trade shows and industry events in conjunction with digital marketing channels such as social media, search engine advertising, or content marketing to drive traffic to your site.  

While you may feel like your efforts are paying off, you may be missing some critical pieces of information that can help you fill the top of the funnel with higher-quality leads, enabling your team to shorten sales cycles, and develop a higher return on your marketing spend.  

Architects and engineers have specific needs and preferences when it comes to building products. AEC professionals may not actively seek out products through search engines as much as other consumer-oriented audiences.  

Instead, they rely on professional networks, industry publications, and direct communications with trusted manufacturers or suppliers for product information. Fundamentally, building relationships with architects and engineers requires a personalized and long-term approach. It necessitates an understanding of their project requirements, providing technical support, and demonstrating how your products meet their unique specifications.  

Use Data to Your Advantage 

So, how can you ensure your product is meeting the needs of your prospects to establish better long-term partnerships? The answer? Data.  

Data can provide value by facilitating evidence-based design decisions. By analyzing data on building performance, energy usage, and user behavior, design teams can optimize projects for things like cost, efficiency, and even sustainability.  

Additionally, data-driven insights enable architects to adapt and ensure that buildings meet the evolving needs of users and the environment. As a sales or marketing leader working for a building product manufacturer, you can leverage data to gain valuable insights into a design team’s project requirements, which can help you sell products that align with their goals. 

Build High-Quality Relationships  

By employing these solutions, you can immediately build high-quality relationships, optimizing the product selection experience for both you and your customers. Furthermore, you can mitigate financial risk by ensuring you only establish communications with “great-fit” design firms instead of generating dead-end leads through less-targeted approaches, guaranteeing that your audience fits your customer profile and are working on the pertinent projects to ensure success.  

When measuring KPIs like cost-per-lead on your marketing activities, it is also important to differentiate between qualified and unqualified leads, and the process of identifying them should be highly restrictive. Equipping your sales team with “true” marketing qualified leads (MQLs) ensures you improve other performance indicators such as cost per acquisition or sale.  

This is exactly what revgen.tool is designed to do! By taking the guesswork out of the equation, you can quickly and easily get access to the leads you need, using actionable insights to win over your competition. 

Use cove.tool’s Suite to Verify Leads  

revgen.tool is a collaboration platform, built to bring AEC professionals and building product manufacturers together to solve complex trade-offs in design for holistic building performance.  

Using cove.tool’s analysis.tool, design teams can opt to share project insights with manufacturers to streamline product selection.  

You are empowered to concentrate your efforts on verified leads that require your products based on the properties that make your products unique.  

With revgen.tool Sales Pro, you can search for projects that fit your specific lead criteria. Whether you are formulating your search using the type of project, the project’s location, or square footage, the revgen.tool dashboard includes all the filters you need to find the perfect match.  

Additionally, using the revgen.tool Marketing App (included in Pro) project teams can share project data and custom build proposals directly on your website, generating inbound leads for your business and saving time for both parties. 

Key Takeaways 

Cultivate high-value relationships 

Cultivating high-value relationships with specifiers, such as architects and engineers, is crucial for manufacturers seeking to increase their ROI on marketing and sales spend.  

Spend More on Personalized Approaches  

While traditional marketing channels can generate leads, qualifying and nurturing those leads into actionable sales can be a challenge. To optimize marketing spend, manufacturers should focus on data-driven insights and personalized approaches to address the specific needs of architects and engineers. 

Bridge the Gap with revgen.tool 

With revgen.tool, a collaboration platform that bridges the gap between AEC professionals and building product manufacturers, design teams can share project insights with manufacturers, streamlining product selection and empowering sales teams to concentrate on verified leads.  

By using revgen.tool, manufacturers can ensure that they communicate with design firms that are a great fit, reducing financial risk and generating higher-quality leads. This data-driven approach allows for improved KPIs such as cost-per-lead, cost-per-acquisition, and sales performance.  

Increase Your Marketing ROI  

Ultimately, revgen.tool takes the guesswork out of the equation and equips manufacturers with actionable insights to win over the competition, leading to increased ROI on marketing and sales spend. 

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