How Building Product Manufacturers Can Drive Revenue with Performance Data  

New political, economic, regulatory, and climate-driven directives are prioritizing the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions, driving a massive shift in the design and construction of buildings. As one of the highest carbon-emitting sectors, the building industry is increasingly becoming more focused on developing high-performance, low-carbon buildings. With more attention on ESG, Scope 3, C-BAM, and other key standards, access to accurate data for building projects and products is essential to the creation of high-performance buildings and the ability to report on them. 

Architects, engineers, and contractors are looking for carbon, cost, and energy performance data to guide their design decisions. As this demand continues to grow, it is more important than ever for AEC professionals to work with building product manufacturers who can meet their project performance requirements. Manufacturers who can validate and demonstrate how their products will impact a customer's project using data will have a stronger competitive advantage. To make performance data more accessible and help streamline sales and marketing processes for building product manufacturers, cove.tool released the latest addition to its trusted suite of building design and construction software tools, revgen.tool. 

What is revgen.tool? 

revgen.tool is a performance software solution that helps building product manufacturers maximize revenue, engage design teams earlier in the product selection process, and build trust with validated simulations integrated directly into their marketing website and sales pipeline. The solution provides real-time product performance data based on customers’ building project information, including vital data about embodied carbon, cost, and energy performance. This information generates more qualified leads for building product manufacturers and differentiates their products from competitors, making it easier and faster for architects and engineers to select the right options to achieve results. 

How does it work? 

The revgen.tool suite seamlessly integrates building products into cove.tool's ecosystem of building performance analysis tools, enabling building product manufacturers to easily reach, validate, and sell their performance products to AEC professionals. With revgen.tool, manufacturers can showcase their products' performance and market them effectively to meet their organization's unique needs. This completely customizable solution harnesses the power of advanced analytics to filter through thousands of building designs, helping teams identify the best match for their products and get in front of the right architects and engineers to strengthen relationships. At the same time, AEC professionals also have access to real-time data that helps them identify the right products for a project, saving time and resources. 

warehouse with building products

Key Benefits for Building Product Manufacturers 

  • Engage design teams in early design stages – Manufacturers can leverage revgen.tool to incorporate their products into architects' and engineers' projects during the decision-making process - before products are selected. 

  • Validate building product performance – With data provided by a trusted third-party partner, manufacturers can quickly build trust with AEC professionals and stand out from competitors by sharing accurate data for products and projects. 

  • Shorten the sale – Easily provide critical data and information architects and engineers need to select the right product for their project quickly. With revgen.tool, manufacturers can shorten the sales cycles from 2 weeks to just a few minutes due to fast project data turnarounds. 

Key Features for Sales and Marketing Teams 

Sales and marketing teams for building product manufacturers can use revgen.tool's customizable features to maximize their efforts and meet their organization's specific goals. Key features include:

revgen.tool sales app cove.tool

The Sales App helps sales teams streamline their lead qualification process and get fast, automated simulations. By simply inputting three key data points - location, square footage, and typology - reps can easily generate simulations and share them with design teams to advance the conversation. Additionally, reps have the option to add further detail or invite customers to upload geometry for more intuitive and detailed simulations. 

revgen.tool marketing app cove.tool

The Marketing App leverages the capabilities of cove.tool to enhance marketing efforts directly on the company website. Marketing teams can engage website visitors with a customized app which generates personalized product performance results to drive interest and capture qualified leads. This feature enables customers to make informed, data-driven choices using reliable third-party data. 

revgen.tool sales dashboard cove.tool

The Sales Dashboard enables sales teams to efficiently manage leads and customer relationships with an intuitive user interface and a built-in lightweight CRM system. With this feature, manufacturers can identify and qualify leads, streamlining the hand-off process to the technical team for detailed quotes and further follow-up.  

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