What is revgen.tool? The Platform for Building Product Manufacturers

When you are in the construction and design space, you know how critical it is to connect building product manufacturers and architects, engineers, and contractors (AEC). 

The complex web of tradeoffs, showcasing innovative materials, and ensuring a product's optimal performance all play a role in a successful building project.  

Enter revgen.tool. 

Collaborative Platform Bridging Gaps  

revgen.tool is an industry-first collaboration platform designed to bridge the gap between AEC professionals and manufacturers. Its primary focus? To address and solve complex tradeoffs in design to help architects and design teams make informed product decisions backed by data. 

Manufacturers now have a unique opportunity to highlight their product's distinctive characteristics while architects can harness this platform to maximize design quality and minimize design revisions. 

The platform fosters collaboration, builds trust, and highlights product differentiation to ensure manufacturers can accurately showcase their products' performance and validity in design. revgen.tool ensures ease of sourcing information while guaranteeing enhanced design outcomes, transparency, and real-time actionable data through collaborative insights from manufacturers and architects. 

If You Can Simulate It, revgen.tool Can Do It 

With revgen.tool, users access a comprehensive data model encompassing dimensions like carbon, energy, costs (First Cost, Net Cost, Lifecycle Cost, and Assembly Cost), and numerous other key metrics to amplify a product’s unique value – from fire rating and acoustics to air quality and human comfort.  

revgen.tool is a proprietary technology that offers unique flexibility and validated simulation engines that pivot based on energy codes, product types, standards, and varied building scenarios. Whatever your needs may be for modeling and analysis, revgen.tool can simulate it.  

By utilizing revgen.tool engines to provide prospects with fast, comprehensive simulations, manufacturers can enhance their competitive position. This approach demonstrates the proven performance of your products, fostering trust, cultivating relationships, and advancing the quality of building design.  

Tailoring revgen.tool to You 

With revgen.tool’s plans, you have the freedom to tailor the integration into your workflows, ensuring synergy with your business goals. 

revgen.tool Essentials allows manufacturers to showcase their products directly inside of cove.tool’s suite of building design products including the Assembly Builder and Carbon Feature. This gives manufacturers the ability to identify matching projects and send tailored product recommendations to architects and engineers, making it ideal for those wanting to drive lead volume or grow market awareness. 

Marketing Pro provides manufacturers with a custom-built app for their website that turns visitors into qualified leads through an instant product simulation. The on-site product analysis delivers essential data to visitors, enhances user experience, automates analysis, captures qualified leads, and integrates verified project data seamlessly into the dashboard. 

Sales Pro is a sales productivity tool that equips sales teams with the right tools to engage with AEC prospects. It allows them to effortlessly conduct comprehensive project assessments using the New Sales Lead button. This feature enables sales representatives to instantly create and send detailed simulations for both new and existing leads, better facilitating the movement of prospects through the sales pipeline. 

In a world where the construction and design space is ever evolving, revgen.tool emerges as the definitive building product platform that champions collaboration, value, and innovative solutions. Whether you're a manufacturer looking to carve your niche or an architect aiming to find the perfect product for your design, revgen.tool promises to revolutionize your workflow. 

Revolutionize how you sell.


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