Revolutionize Your Sales Process: Close Deals Faster with revgen.tool's Sales App

Revolutionize Your Sales Process: Close Deals Faster with revgen.tool's Sales App

Get more sales-qualified leads and effectively manage them with personalized data to close the deal faster without the hassle of a middleman. That’s what revgen.tool’s Sales App does for teams.  

Let’s walk through how the Sales App takes your sales team and turns them into building product experts to close deals faster: 

Tracking Multiple Sources of Leads  

With revgen.tool’s Sales App, building product manufacturers can track multiple sources of leads. 

Whether a lead is manually inputted by the sales representative or directly imported from the Marketing App, those leads will live in your Sales Dashboard

From there, the sales team can provide the same results to prospects by creating New Leads within the Sales App, communicating with those prospects through a simple, three-step workflow.  

Generating Automatic Simulations to Deliver to the Lead  

With the Sales App, sales representatives no longer need to wait for the experts to create a simulation for a potential client.  

Utilizing information provided by the lead via call, email, a product listing, or the Marketing App, a sales team member can input the following to create an instant simulation to deliver directly to the lead: 

  • Project’s Location 

  • Building Floor Area 

  • Building Use Type 

  • Assembly Type 

  • Roof Area  

  • Wall Area and, if applicable, Glazing Percent 

  • Building Height  

  • Floor to Floor Height  

  • Any customized input your project needs 

Once that information is given, an estimated savings of carbon and energy will be emailed directly to the lead from the sales representative. 

A calculation that would have taken a team of building performance experts weeks, takes a sales representative minutes to create and deliver, leading to a faster sale.  

Qualify Leads Faster and More Productive Than Ever  

Accelerate your sales process and streamline lead qualification with the Sales App. 

With just three key data points - location, project size, and typology - you can quickly generate automated simulations that provide valuable insights.  

These results can be easily shared with the design team, facilitating productive conversations to move the project forward.  

Prospects can effortlessly upload building geometry for a deeper analysis, enabling fast, intuitive, and detailed simulations. Simplify lead qualification and empower your sales teams with the Sales App, ensuring efficient communication and informed decision-making. 

Revolutionize How You Sell  

revgen.tool connects building product manufacturers to architects, designers, and engineers through performance data to build trust with validated simulations integrated directly into your marketing website and sales pipeline. 

Empowering manufacturers to show complex tradeoffs around carbon, cost, and energy to help sell products to architects and engineers, revgen.tool’s product suite seamlessly integrates building products into cove.tool's ecosystem of building performance analysis tools to easily reach, validate, and sell products to AEC professionals. 

By utilizing cove.tool's trusted building performance analysis tools, building product manufacturers can facilitate data-driven product selections in the early design stages of projects, displaying verified product performance data to differentiate from competitors.  

revgen.tool effortlessly delivers accurate performance, cost, and carbon data so manufacturers can build trust, foster customer relationships, and empower their sales teams to sell with confidence.  

Ready to close deals faster and with more confidence? 

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