Dami Lee: Designing Architecture for a Sustainable Future

January 16th, 2020

Natalie Perri of Unraveling Architecture and Dami Lee Designing for Sustainability

About Dami Lee and Natalie Perri

In conjunction with cove.tool, Dami Lee, YouTube personality and Architect at FaulknerBrowns Architects, recently released a video on her channel covering cove.tool and its role in democratizing building performance and sustainable design. In the video, Lee covers the core functionality of drawing.tool and analysis.tool and provides viewers with a high-level overview of the software.

In recent years, Lee led various small projects in the Vancouver area, demonstrating her keen eye for design and sustainability. While energy modeling is unfamiliar territory for Lee, she expressed her excitement for the tool, describing it as “easy to use and accessible to everyone.” She also remarked that “energy modeling should be a part of every architect’s toolbox,” as it allows them to efficiently model their buildings in early design without relying on consultants throughout the process.

Dami Lee has developed a sizable following on YouTube in recent years, helping young, aspiring architects discover their passion for architectural design. She is inspired by students, and holds the belief that with rapid change happening in the world today, the next generation of architects will be “happier, healthier, and more connected”. 

Watch the Video: Designing for Sustainability | Energy Modelling made easy

YouTube host, and Graduate Student at the University of Pennsylvania, Natalie Perri, also released a video covering cove.tool’s drawing.tool. In the video, she talks about the current climate crisis and the AEC industry's impact on climate change. It also covers different strategies architects and designers can use to optimize their building geometry for energy and cost and provides young architects with an overview of energy modeling in cove.tool.

The Unraveling Architecture YouTube channel shows architecture students what it’s like to study architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. In her last few years as an architecture student, she plans to concentrate on the humanitarian aspect of architecture, focusing on sustainability. Once she completes her program, she aspires to become a licensed architect and work in healthcare architecture.

Watch the Video: How to Design Sustainably | Introduction to cove.tool


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