What Are design.assist Reports? 

Welcome to the cutting edge of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, where design.assist, a groundbreaking feature of revgen.tool, is revolutionizing the building product selection process.  

This AI-powered Building Science professional transforms manufacturer engagement and generates insightful, detailed design.assist reports that are tailored to showcase your products through energy savings, carbon footprint, and cost-effectiveness.  

These reports serve as a beacon of clarity, providing architects with in-depth insights and appreciation of your product's unique benefits through distilling complex data to reveal the full potential of your products in any architectural design to simplify complex trade-offs. 

Transformative Power of design.assist Reports

design.assist leverages the power of BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology to create tailored reports by inputting a BIM model to run comprehensive analyses and generate custom reports that align precisely with project-specific requirements.  

Our AI-powered Building Science professionals will deliver comprehensive building performance analysis reports by simply providing us with the BIM model or basic project square footage for your key pursuits.  These reports are tailored to underscore the competitive advantages of selecting your products, offering a detailed, actionable analysis that highlights product-specific advantages around carbon, energy savings, and cost.  

design.assist reports highlight the distinct advantages of your products, demonstrating their effectiveness and suitability in the actual context of a specific project. This process ensures that your products' unique benefits and performance are communicated clearly and effectively, directly addressing each project's specific needs and challenges.  

design.report example report

Key Advantages of design.assist Reports

Trusted, Validated Data

In today's world, where third-party validation is essential results to defend product selections, design.assist offers verified analysis, ensuring reliable and defendable product choices that are backed by legitimate data and expertise. 

Streamlining Sustainability Goals

design.assist not only aids in building trust but also streamlines sustainability reporting leading to significant time and cost savings, addressing the immediate challenges of architects and designers. 

Offering actionable data on energy efficiency and carbon performance, design.assist provides detailed reports and insights. These reports highlight areas where your product excels—whether in terms of carbon, energy, cost, assembly, or other aspects—delivering valuable information to guide strategies and confirm design goals are met. 

Cost-Effective, Expert-Level Analysis

Cut out the middleman. 

design.assist reports offer the details of consultant reports but in a more cost-effective, more timely manner. The reports align with architects' familiar and trusted formats, becoming an essential tool for informed decision-making and an invaluable resource for your team. 

Ease of Integration 

Designed for simplicity, design.assist reports seamlessly integrate into architects' decision-making processes, bolstering confidence in your product selections.  

The goal is to make the entire material selection journey as straightforward and concise as possible for your team. By offering a resource that compliments architects' preferred working methods, you are enabling your clients to advocate for your products with greater assurance and confidence.  

Rapid Solutions for Modern Challenges

Addressing modern challenges like energy efficiency and carbon reduction of a product, design.assist reports provide quick, tailored solutions for specific project needs.  

It's like having a sustainability consultant on your team, but with the efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness of an AI-powered system.   

New Era in Building Product Selection  

design.assist reports mark a significant paradigm shift by not only providing verified data but interpreting and utilizing it to highlight your products' competitive edge in a way that effectively translates across the AEC industry, from manufacturers to architects; from architects to their clients.  

These reports embody a blend of technical sophistication and design, ensuring project-specific alignment and placing your products at the forefront of building design decisions.  

Welcome to a new era in building product selection with design assist -- where the synergy of AI and expert insights paves the way for your products' success. 

Embrace the future of building product selection with design.assist reports. 


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