TruexCullins Designs Innovative Retrofit for an Energy-Efficient Community Complex

Using Data-Driven Tools to Design a Net-Zero Energy Project

The traditional workflow followed by most architects requires hiring outside energy consultants, usually for final compliance checks or when it is federally or municipally mandated. However, studies have shown that implementing performance models early and often is an efficient workflow that may mitigate costs associated with design revisions and lifecycle costs, and even bring benefits like project marketability. When TruexCullins started designing the Burlington City Arts Studios, a 33,000 square foot art and educational center, they were tasked with meeting a net-zero energy target while remaining within budget.

Using cove.tool's building performance platform, TruexCullins performed several analyses on possible improvements to reduce EUI and reach carbon reduction targets for the warehouse retrofit project. This energy and performance data allowed the design team to implement innovative design strategies that met their client’s performance and budget goals. Learn how the firm increased its energy modeling knowledge, successfully lowered the building's EUI, and found creative solutions to meet the project's unique challenges. 

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