cove.tool 2021 International Architecture Design Competition

Entrants are challenged to design carbon positive affordable housing using cove.tool’s drawing.tool software, chance to win $50,000 cash prize

cove.tool, the leading automated building design platform for daylight, shadow, energy, carbon, HVAC design and parametric optimization, announced today that registration is open for its inaugural International Architecture Design Competition for Carbon Positive Affordable Housing. The grand prize winner will receive a $50,000 cash prize.

As climate change intensifies, housing stability will be increasingly under threat. To combat the climate and housing crisis, the building sector must act by integrating sustainable strategies into the design process. The intent of this competition is to solicit design ideas for affordable, carbon positive housing that can be replicated in multiple neighborhoods, cities and countries. Projects can range from a micro-home to a tall building depending on the selected context or solution. Participants are encouraged to look beyond conventional solutions and consider resiliency in their strategies.

“Without significant intervention, areas prone to climate-related disasters will continue to face housing instability,” said Sandeep Ahuja, co-founder and chief executive officer of cove.tool. “This competition is an invitation for talented designers to come together and create sustainable designs that can be recreated in communities across the world, helping to fight climate change and eliminate the current housing crisis.”

The registration deadline is January 14th, 2022, and all designs must be submitted by February 11th, 2022. Participants must use the free drawing.tool 3D modeling software to import or generate geometry as part of their submission. Each entry will be reviewed by a prestigious panel of judges in the architecture industry including, Randy Deutsch FAIA, LEED AP, Dora Epstein Jones, Ph.D., M. Casey Rehm, Ralph Raymond, NOMA, AIA and Sanford Kwinter, Ph.D. 

“ The opportunity to encourage current and future designers to consider sustainable strategies throughout the design process is critical to combat climate change,” said Patrick Chopson, AIA, co-founder and head of product at cove.tool. “We are confident this competition will help the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) community think ‘outside of the box’ and implement carbon positive strategies that will reduce the effects of climate change and create a better world, where housing is safe and affordable for all.”

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About cove.tool

cove.tool is an automated building design platform for daylight, shadow, energy, carbon, HVAC design and parametric optimization. The software runs thousands of simulations to find the lowest cost solution to meet performance targets, whether that is simply meeting code compliance or achieving net-zero energy building designs. The platform is one of the latest winners in the 2021 ARCHITECT Magazine R+D Awards and has been recognized by the Department of Energy for the app’s ability to optimize building designs for sustainability. cove.tool has expanded its building performance analysis software to incorporate 3D Modeling software, drawing.tool, and it’s new HVAC design software application, loadmodeling.tool. For more information about cove.tool, visit


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