cove.tool Secures a Spot as One of Energize’s Top Software Innovators

May 10th, 2023

Energize, a climate software investment firm focusing on partnering with sustainable innovators, ranks cove.tool as one of the Top 30 Software Innovators in their annual report, recognizing cove.tool’s efforts in successfully advancing (energizing) electrification despite a challenging market.

This list's compilation considers how software companies fall into “Electrifying Everything” categories which highlight how companies manage the demand for renewable energy software, high-interest rates, soaring soft costs for solar and EV, interconnection and complex pre-construction processes, and the ability to efficiently scale electrification technologies despite global persuasion. 

Source: Energize Internal Data | Top 30 Software Innovators in Electrifying Everything

Read more about this amplified honor and the other “electrifying” innovators here.


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