In the News: Zauben Partnership Annoucment

May 8th, 2023

Sustainable building design and construction software experts, Zauben and cove.tool, announce their partnership with hopes of providing innovative solutions for building professionals to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable building practices. 

This partnership offers various services, including energy modeling, carbon footprint analysis, and sustainability consulting. By combining Zauben's expertise in sustainable design and project management with cove.tool’s performance-based design tool, revgen.tool, building professionals can optimize building performance, reduce carbon emissions, and achieve sustainability goals.

The Zauben and cove.tool partnership signals a commitment to low-carbon innovation and sustainable building practices at a time when the construction industry is under pressure to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable building practices, and the demand for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings and building professionals need innovative tools and solutions to meet these goals intensifies. 

Discover more about the in-depth value of this innovative partnership here.


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