June 21st, 2024

In the latest episode of the "Design for the Future" podcast, hosts Lindsay Baker and Kira Gould welcomed Sandeep Ahuja, the co-founder and CEO of cove.tool.

The discussion centered around cove.tool's mission to revolutionize the design and construction cycle, focusing on decarbonization and fostering a network of shared information, interoperability, and accountability across projects and teams.

AI and Consulting: A New Paradigm in AEC

Sandeep highlighted how cove.tool is pioneering an AI-first consulting platform designed to address the critical challenges in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC). “We are trying to take the best things about software and consulting,” Sandeep explains, “and put them together with some AI goodness. We think this is the next level of transformational change in the AEC industry.”

A New Book on Decarbonizing AEC

In addition to her role at cove.tool, Sandeep has recently co-authored a book with Patrick Chopson, another co-founder of cove.tool. Their upcoming book, Build Like It’s the End of the World: A Practical Guide to Decarbonize Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, is set to be published by Wiley by the end of 2024. This book promises to be a comprehensive guide for professionals in the AEC industry, providing practical strategies for reducing carbon footprints in their projects.

Transforming the AEC Industry

Sandeep's passion for transforming the AEC industry with intelligent and innovative solutions was evident throughout the podcast. She emphasized the importance of reducing risk and increasing transparency in construction projects, a mission that cove.tool is deeply committed to achieving.

For those interested in learning more about Sandeep Ahuja’s insights and the groundbreaking work of cove.tool, you can listen to the full podcast episode below or on your favorite podcast platform.


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