Written by:

Ed Akins, II, AIA

November 8th, 2023

Designing a building is no easy task. Even “simple” projects present challenges as architects balance competing priorities like energy, carbon, cost, quality, and time. 

Navigating these trade-offs can be daunting. We’re expected to produce high-quality designs, meet project goals, and align with changing industry standards, carefully considering every variable that could impact the final result. With this in mind, architects cite three clear areas that can improve their material and product selection journey:

  • Strong partnerships with manufacturers, founded on product guidance and technical depth, build trust in the product selection journey

  • Websites and product sales representative interactions should focus on rapid and accurate engagement to save time for all parties

  • Data should be easily available to understand the breadth of influence that a product might have on project outcomes

Fortunately, with tech-forward solutions and a transparent, collaborative approach, the industry is changing for the better.

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