Ed Akins Continues the Conversation: Fostering Transparent Collaboration in Modern Contractor Solutions

Written by:

Ed Akins, II, AIA

November 29th, 2023

The relationship between architects and building product manufacturers can be complicated.

Architects want to identify the best products for their projects and building product manufacturers (BPMs) want to sell those products. In an ideal situation, this mutually beneficial partnership empowers the design and construction of high-quality, high-performing, low-carbon, and low-cost buildings. But we all know that the process of delivering a building for construction is never ideal.

As designers seek appropriate materials for a project, they review countless documents (technical and otherwise) to make an informed decision. A manufacturer’s focus on sales is understandable, but when their marketing obscures critical decision-making data, architects can begin to distrust them, discouraging collaboration and setting up both parties for a frustrating experience.

To create better partnerships with architects, BPMs must invest in transparency and technology to accelerate the dissemination of valuable and trusted data. Tactically deployed, these investments can be critical to establishing trust and fostering better collaboration during design.

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