cove.tool CTO Daniel Chopson on AI Sustainable Design at Georgia Technology Summit

April 11th, 2024

At the forefront of sustainable design, cove.tool is excited to unveil its strategic evolution from a consulting-centric operation to a revolutionary software platform that is transforming sustainable design within the architecture, manufacturing, and engineering sectors.

Daniel Chopson, co-founder and CTO of cove.tool, shared this transformative journey during an engaging discussion at the Georgia Technology Summit, hosted by the Technology Association of Georgia.

Chopson's presentation illuminated the company's shift towards developing a dynamic software solution, driven by the urgent need for sustainable design practices across industries.

"Our initial goal was to consult," Chopson explains, "but we quickly realized the profound impact we could achieve by equipping professionals with a robust, AI-driven [solution] that not only advises but also implements sustainable design strategies."

The cove.tool platform is engineered to meet this ambitious goal, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to provide in-depth analytics on energy efficiency, material sustainability, and cost-effectiveness, thereby empowering users to make informed, eco-friendly design decisions. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the complex process of optimizing building efficiency, making sustainable design accessible to all.

Reflecting on the significance of the Georgia Technology Summit as the venue for this announcement, Chopson notes, "Sharing our story here, amidst peers and leaders who are equally committed to technological innovation, underscores the collaborative spirit we believe is essential for achieving sustainability goals."

This strategic pivot not only broadens cove.tool’s influence in promoting sustainable design but also signifies a major milestone in the company’s mission to drive positive environmental change.

As cove.tool advances, it remains dedicated to fostering innovation and sustainability within the design industry, envisioning a future where eco-efficient buildings are the norm.

cove.tool is among the Top 10 Innovative Companies in Georgia!


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