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Dynamically translate designs into 3D models with analysis-ready geometry.  Now with Assembly Builder to easily create, customize and share construction assemblies.


Whole building energy modeling including mechanical load calculations and HVAC design all powered by EnergyPlus engine


Analyze everything in a single tool — energy, daylight, carbon, and more.  Make intelligent building performance decisions in every project. Now with automated embodied carbon profiles.


Performance software solution for building product manufacturers to tailor sales & marketing efforts


Quickly and easily connect to daylight, glare, and energy simulations via API

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See real-time cost estimates throughout the design process

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Our suite of interoperable products creates better collaboration between teams, and seamless setup for streamlined imports and workflows.

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"cove.tool allows our design teams to quickly evaluate options in the early design stages that could positively impact the building's performance."

"It's our go-to early energy modeling tool."

"cove.tool provides invaluable support across our projects and teams, helping us achieve design excellence and high performance."

"cove.tool is a great platform that streamlines building performance assessment. Its powerful analytics provide valuable insights for us."

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