Assembly Builder Feature

Create, customize, and share construction assemblies

Simplify building product selection with Assembly Builder's performance, cost, and carbon analysis. Make data-driven decisions for your projects and choose high-performing and cost-effective assemblies with ease.

Smarter decisions, better buildings

Maximize your savings and minimize revisions with Assembly Builder's early stage building design analysis. Make informed decisions on material choice, embodied carbon, energy consumption, manufacturing, and construction costs – all key factors that impact your project's success. Benefit from a streamlined design process, reduced costs, and a smarter approach to building design.

How it works

Unlock the possibilities with Assembly Builder's custom assembly feature.

Assembly Library

  • Easily find the right assembly with Assembly Builder's Assembly Library.

  • Sort and filter through a variety of default templates including roof, wall, floor, and more, or use keyword search to quickly find what you need.

  • Create your own custom assemblies and save to the firm-wide library for future use by simply adding it to your project in the Project Assemblies section.

Project Assemblies

Take control of your building design with Assembly Builder's editing and customization options. Simply select a project assembly to access its details and start editing. You can also create your own custom assembly by clicking the + Custom button, filling out the required information, and submitting it to add to your Project Assemblies panel. Save and share your custom assemblies with your firm or keep them private as a personal assembly, easily accessible in the Assembly Library panel for future use.

Assembly Details

Customize your building design to meet your specific needs with Assembly Builder's editing features. Simply click on the values you want to edit, like the assembly name, energy code, climate zone, and more, based on the available options for the assembly category or type. View the calculated values for all product layers in the assembly, including thickness, u-value, embodied carbon, and cost.



Select an assembly from a variety of default energy code minimum and generic assemblies pre-populated for quick selection.


Change the layer properties or switch with another layer in a default assembly to easily match your own specifications.


Create an assembly from scratch by selecting from the extensive product layers library or by adding the products you receive from contractors.


Boost efficiency and teamwork by easily saving and sharing assembly access across your entire organization. Reuse assemblies in future projects and streamline your workflows.

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