Free, intuitive, and fully-loaded 3D modeling software

Import geometries from a suite of traditional 3D modeling platforms. Or just start drawing. Export to .obj, IDF, gbXML and other formats.

Boost design abilities for buildings of any size.

Upgrade drawing performance and enhance collaboration across teams. Now with Assembly Builder to easily create, customize and share construction assemblies.

Rapid Prototyping

Performance-oriented 3D modeling software ideal for early-stage architectural design.

Start Designing

Confidently design buildings of any size, for everyone from students to professors.

Feature-rich building geometry tool.

Easy-to-learn design software with an extensive depth of features.


Import and export to-and-from popular design tools


Pick envelope & other building products from a robust assembly catalog

Save Views

Save angles for presentations

Closed Geometry

Automatically get closed room geometry suitable for analysis and compliance reporting

Snap Controls

Draw with precision

Floor Plan Overlay

Import images, pdf, or CAD to overlay your 3D model on top

Design Toolbar

Draw any geometry: line, curves, extrusions, or BIM objects


Add shading strategies dynamically and test on your building


Define occupied/unoccupied areas and thermal zones for load modeling

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Seamlessly link all your current workflows

BIN interconnectivity creates better collaboration between architect and engineer design teams, and seamless analysis setup helps manufacturers partner with architects and engineers to share real-world project simulations.

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