Use Performance Insights to Engage Website Visitors, Streamline Leads, and Increase Conversion Rates

In the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, time is money. 

Key decisions in building projects happen early in the design phase and significantly impact the purchasing decisions in the final phases of a project.  

In many cases, due to time and resource constraints, architects will simply continue to use the same products they used on their last project, or the product ‘standard’ to ensure meeting strict deadlines. 

Equipping architects and engineers with pertinent information prior to those crucial decisions empowers teams to easily communicate the rationale to owners and other key stakeholders.  

For building product manufacturers, this is the blueprint to close a deal. 

Utilizing powerful performance insights at the right time to communicate the value of your premium products without the use of complicated spec sheets, you can be sure that your product stands out from the competition and significantly increases your product's chances of being selected. 

What are building performance insights? 

In architecture, performance insights are any data points that can be used to help design teams make informed decisions on building products for projects. These insights can originate from a manufacturer's Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), carbon and cost data, or other sources. Depending on the project's goals, these insights can hold varying levels of importance to an architect. 

Looking Beyond the Standard  

While there are many ways marketers can drive traffic to their sites to increase leads– some of the most noteworthy being Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC advertising, and social media -- many marketers often overlook integrations that can help drive traffic to their site. 

Google Analytics is one of the most commonly used tools to improve web traffic and expand an organization's web presence. With tools like Google Analytics, marketers can use data to understand their digital marketing activities' performance and make improvements where needed. Use the tool in conjunction with software like SEMrush and Google Search Console, and you can use these insights to increase the flow of organic search traffic funneling into your site.   

Just the same, while these efforts are imperative to ensuring organic growth, activities such as search engine optimization require a considerable amount of time, effort, and team resources without guaranteeing any results. The same can be said about social media, as it can take months, if not years, to build a critical mass of followers. 

Driving Product Awareness  

By integrating your building products into cove.tool's ecosystem of building performance analysis tools, you can enhance your marketing strategy to easily reach, validate, and sell your products to AEC professionals in the design phase. 

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While traffic-driving tools like Google Analytics and social media drive your ideal audience to you, listing products in cove.tool serves your building products directly to cove.tool’s clientele who are actively utilizing cove.tool’s suite of products to design projects can easily find and place the best, most efficient, top-of-the-line products to use in their various building projects. 

But what about the organic traffic coming to your website? 

Expanding Web Engagement with revgen.tool 

Marketers attract visitors to their site; the power of revgen.tool keeps them there. 

Using the revgen.tool Marketing App, customize an interactive application to be embedded directly on your site. The Marketing App generates quick, accurate, and real-time data, showcasing your building products' actual performance in real-world scenarios through energy, carbon, and cost simulations within seconds, thereby empowering leads and providing a competitive advantage, highlighting unique selling points to capture your target audience's attention and enhancing your brand's reputation as an industry leader in sustainable building products. 

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Just as marketers can use performance insights to make better decisions regarding SEO and social media marketing, architects use performance insights to make better project decisions. And, by making it easy for them to access this information using the Marketing App, you can create a frictionless product selection experience. 

Streamlining Leads 

The Marketing App enables design teams to envision your product in their project and its impact on their goals. By gating the outputs, you can guarantee a steady stream of leads that your sales team can manage within the revgen.tool Sales App. 

With the Sales App, you can track multiple leads from various sources, enabling sales representatives to create instant quotes for prospects based on key data points such as project location, size, and typology. Prospects can also effortlessly upload building geometry for detailed simulations, simplifying lead qualification and streamlining the sales process further. 

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The Sales Dashboard acts as a light CRM to help your sales team manage all the incoming prospects and qualify them as leads. By utilizing the dashboard, sales teams can communicate with the technical team, if need be, to get even more information delivered to the lead faster for a more efficient, professional sales transaction. 

This efficient process provides valuable insights, accelerates the sales cycle, and empowers sales teams to qualify faster, facilitating productive conversations with design teams and ensuring informed decision-making.  

Revolutionizing Your Strategy  

As sales and marketing leaders, it is essential to understand architects’ needs and empower customers with critical information that aids in effective communication with stakeholders. Incorporating performance insights into your marketing strategy not only benefits architects in streamlining the decision-making process but also enables marketers to build trust and create a compelling case for adoption.  

Using innovative approaches, you can differentiate your products from competitors and secure a competitive advantage in the market, revolutionizing the way you engage with your target audience and driving sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

Let’s talk about the customized way revgen.tool can expand your web presence, improve your online experience, and increase conversion rates. 



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