Architect’s Guide to 2030 Targets Through Sustainable Design

Architect’s Guide to 2030 Targets Through Sustainable Design

Commitment to the 2030 Challenge

The 2030 Challenge is a national effort to encourage the building industry to prioritize energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) adopted the challenge in 2006 and set a goal of using no fossil fuel or greenhouse gas emitting energy by 2030 (Net Zero). The AIA 2030 Commitment encourages architects to meet this goal and submit their project profiles to the Design Data Exchange (DDx) for tracking.

While progress has been made, many projects have yet to achieve the 80% target reduction in energy use, and only a small number have reached net zero.

This guide provides best practices for architects to adopt a performance-based design process, setting targets and incorporating energy-efficient strategies in three categories: passive and building envelopes, active and building systems, and renewable strategies. Additionally, explore how cove.tool's AI-powered sustainability consultant, project.assist, eases the navigation of the 2030 Commitment.  

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