ykk ap x cove.tool

Announcing the newest perfect duo: YKK AP x cove.tool

Empowering architects with critical analysis and actionable insights to quickly and easily meet a project’s energy savings & carbon footprint goals​

The newest perfect duo

YKK AP x cove.tool have officially kicked off our new partnership! Architects will soon be able to quickly select products based on energy savings and carbon impact for their designs with just a few key pieces of information! Imagine the possibilities when time is on your side. Watch the video to learn more.

Enabling Sustainable Architecture​

YKK AP has joined forces with cove.tool as the first fenestration manufacturer to integrate its products into cove.tool’s recently launched revgen.tool solution. This dynamic collaboration gives architects the verified data and simulations they need to select products that help achieve their project’s carbon, cost, and energy targets.​

Seamless YKK AP website integration​

Access fast simulations that highlight YKK AP product performance within a project​.

Complete data

Receive real-time, product, and project-specific performance analysis on embodied carbon, costs and energy performance​.

Easy product selection

Identify the optimal YKK AP products that align with project needs​.

"Now with revgen.tool, architects will have the data they need at their fingertips to make decisions that will benefit their project and, ultimately, the built environment."

"YKK AP understands the power of data and the significant role it can play in helping their customers achieve aggressive carbon reduction goals"