Implementing AIA 2030 Energy Modeling in 14 Essential Steps for Your Firm

February 16th, 2020

Having worked with architecture teams large and small on the path to implementing early stage energy modeling, a few observations hold true. You can have 100% of projects reporting to theAIA 2030 DDx for the 2030 Challenge. While these methods work best with a software like cove.tool, any firm implementing modeling into the process will benefit from this framework. The best path to successful implementation involves a 15 key points. The AIA 2030 Challenge has published a repository of case studies at2030 Palette.

Steps for Energy Modeling Adoption:

  1. Buy-in from management (important).
  2. Buy-in from management (important).
  3. Market the heck out of the initiative internally and externally through social media to increase the likelihood of implementation.


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