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Better Sustainability Consulting.

cove.tool is at the forefront of sustainable building design, combining AI-powered consulting with advanced analytics to optimize efficiency and environmental impact. Our approach fast-tracks decarbonization and project excellence.


Who is using cove.tool?


Simplified sustainability consulting.

project.assist offers AI-powered and expert-verified sustainability consulting for all with access to on-demand, sustainable design insights. Simplify complex compliance and performance challenges such as achieving LEED certification, optimizing for environmental impact, or studying the daylight or radiation studies of iterative massing schemes. Enjoy faster, cost-effective consulting.


Find out more about our qualifications.

Learn more about cove.tool's innovative approach to sustainability consulting in our detailed qualification packet. Inside, you'll find information on our mission, team of experts, unique approach to consulting, successful projects, and our process for achieving high-performance buildings. Click to discover how cove.tool can elevate your building designs.


Flexible solutions for your sustainability goals.

We offer a wide array of services to help streamline sustainability in all of your projects.

Sustainable Architectural Design

Expert guidance in sustainable practices and architectural innovation for energy-efficient, environmentally friendly buildings.

Decarbonization Strategies

Specialized strategies for reducing carbon footprints in building projects, including operational and embodied carbon analysis.

Building Simulation and Performance Modeling

Advanced proficiency in using simulation software to predict building performance, including energy consumption, thermal comfort, and daylight analysis.

Data Analytics and AI Integration

Utilizing data analytics and artificial intelligence to optimize building design and operations for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

Renewable Energy Systems Design

In-depth knowledge in designing and integrating renewable energy systems, such as solar and wind, to promote self-sufficiency and reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Green Building Certifications

Expert guidance in obtaining certifications for green building standards like LEED, WELL, and BREEAM, ensuring projects meet top environmental and health benchmarks.

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